iPad Conference Room Booking Display

  • Personalized Interface
  • Data protection is ensured - no use of clouds
  • Direct bookings on the display

With the iPad Conference Room Booking Display, you can quickly and easily bring an overview of the day's appointments directly in front of your conference room, on your desk or on your iPhone. All calendar services that your iPad/iPhone can access are supported. These include Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, iCloud, Outlook.com, Yahoo!, AOL and many, many more.

Customize the design according to your needs, mount the iPad on the wall and... That's it, from now on you don't have to worry about anything.

Use the room signage in the office or at trade fairs. So you or your visitors can see immediately if a meeting room is available or occupied. Thanks to the ad hoc booking feature, a room can be booked in seconds with just one "click".

By the way: All data remains with you, we do not use servers or clouds.

Personalized Interface

The display of the dates can be adapted to your needs. Show/hide individual properties, change the colors according to your needs and add your logo. Find out about all your options in the FAQs.

Custom Fonts

Use your corporate font so that your display integrates perfectly with your corporate identity.

Direct Bookings on the Display

Book free conference rooms directly on the device. This is done with a simple click. You can define three bookable durations in the app settings. These blocks are displayed as a directly clickable button if there is free time.

It is Your Data

Other apps store your sensitive conference room appointment data on foreign servers or in clouds. We do it differently: All information used is transferred exclusively between iPad and your corporate calendar. Promised!

You Decide What Is Displayed

Appointment information such as title, location, organizer, participants, notes and URL can be shown or hidden as desired. It is also possible to display your own text. For example, it allows for a complete anonymization of your appointments by displaying custom static texts (i.e. "reserved").

MDM Compatibility

With our app we offer you a mobile device management compatibility to install, configure and monitor displays by your MDM Systen. To learn more about this, please contact us directly via the contact form.

  • More awesome features
    Up to 10 rooms/devices

    Apple's Fair Use Policy allows up to 10 rooms/devices in one account. You can use them for different rooms.

    Use Your Own Logo

    Add your own logo to the app with a few simple clicks. This complements your CI perfectly.

    Set Your Own Background Image

    Whether plain or brightly coloured - with your own background image you give your display uniqueness.

    Import Your Own Font into the App

    If the iPad font selection is not enough for you, you can import your own fonts into the app. Of course, you can also import your own company font.

    Show Free Hours

    Display free periods to better coordinate your day.

    Current Event in Prominent Presentation

    With this feature, you can see from a far distance which event is currently active.

    Additional Label for an Appointment

    Use your own label for the appointments if you want full anonymity. (e.g. "Past", "Occupied" and "Planned").

    Scheduling Overview of Different Rooms

    A conference room display in the lobby of your conference floor is very easy to implement. Configure all relevant rooms on an iPad and select the conference room name and e.g. the organizer for an appointment.

    Use all-day Appointments as a Note

    Your conference room display is located in the public area and you want to display information permanently (e.g. "Caretaker can be reached calling ... "). This is easily possible via a permanent all-day appointment.

    Activate Screen Saver

    While the display is not needed, for example at night and on weekends, turn on the screen saver to give the display a break.

    Private Appointments

    You have the possibility to mark appointments as private. This selection hides the title and other information. The room is displayed as booked, but only the organizer is displayed. This makes sense if the titles of the appointments are normally displayed and a sensitive topic takes place.

    Monitor your iPad Displays with integrated HTTP Server

    The App has an (optional) integrated HTTP server which provides some useful information of the device. If you have many conference rooms you can integrate the app into your monitoring system.

    Show Offline Alert

    Your network infrastructure sometimes lets you down? You can show a hint that the events may not be up to date.

    Suppress Provider Name

    With this option you have the possibility to hide the App branding (our URL).



$ 0

  • Free Download
  • Full functionality of the Business version
  • Test the configuration in your enterprise environment as long as you want.

$ 35.99

  • Support of calendars from the device app (e.g. Google App Account, Exchange Resource Calendar, Office 365)
  • Data remains in your company
  • Up to 10 rooms/devices via Apple Fair Use Policy
  • Conference room name
  • Customize colors
  • Set your own logo

$ 88.99

  • Support of calendars from the device app (e.g. Google App Account, Exchange Resource Calendar, Office 365)
  • Data remains in your company
  • Up to 10 rooms/devices via Apple Fair Use Policy
  • Conference room name
  • Customize colors
  • Set your own logo
  • Set your own background image
  • Selection of calendars to be used
  • AdHoc bookings: Up to 3 different self-selected periods
  • Change font
  • Import your own font into App
  • Show free time slots
  • Show events for current day only
  • Current event in larger representation
  • Additional label for an appointment
  • Anonymization of an appointment
  • Customize event attributs to be displayed
  • Adjust order of event attributes
  • Show Image for Event
  • Possibility of an event overview of different rooms
  • All-day events can be used as top display notes
  • Screensaver
  • private events
  • Monitoring of devices via internal HTTP server
  • Show offline alert
  • Suppress App Branding